Tuesday, April 1, 2014

What comes first, "The Community or The Home"

A recent experience with buyers would indicate the community would be the most important factor.

It must reflect the family lifestyle at that particular stage in their life. In this case the age of the children, 5 and 7,  played a very important  role.

 I selected three communities in Naples, Collier County, the Dunes, Cove Towers at Wiggins Bay and Pelican Isle. All chosen for their amenities, located close to the beach, tennis and many activities. They all  had the basic interior requirements, updated, 3 bedrooms, 3 baths, a view,  approximately 3000 square feet of living area, secured personal parking and located in a gated community.

It took the better part of the day!  But the most important thing was that with each community we entered, in the end the condo, although was important took second place to the actual community. A realization that in this particular case it was important that we were out and about viewing during the "living" part of the day. That being when many people are using the amenities! 

Our decision was made and it was The Dunes located in the Vanderbilt Beach, Wiggins Pass area in North Naples. Here you could

  • Walk to the beach, 
  • the large community pool,
  • clay court tennis courts,
  • fitness center
  • and be close to some of our fine restaurants and be close to
  • The LaPlaya Club on the beach

At the end of the day I said goodbye to my buyers to rest and make our final decision in the morning. As I headed to my office I received a text, they had found one more from my REALTOR app that I shared and could we view in the morning. I made the appointment and it was a scramble  because there flight was leaving at 2PM that day. My buyers left at noon and called me the next day to prepare the offer .... it is now several months and they along with the children and grandchildren are enjoying their part of paradise at, 

              "We just love the unit and the area. We can't thank you enough." Phillip

Thought You'd be Interested

Thought You'd be Interested

Naples is an area of many interests! Season, typically from January 1 to end of April, sees our yearly population double if not triple. People come to escape the coooold winters up north from all over the world. Naples is like any social club you have joined in that there is always something scheduled to keep life interesting.

Our Von Liebig Art Center has several art shows with the largest, juried show,  held in Cambier Park in Olde Naples. Venders are invited to participate  from all types of media, bronze, silver, wood, paint, jewelry, ceramic and many more; it is an interesting array. 


Parades for every holiday moving along
Olde Naples 5th Avenue S and our 3rd Street
historical district. This guy enjoyed the parade
from one of the  parade vehicles on 4th of July. 
At some times I think the dogs outnumber the people. 

Even children are entertained by the events.

Of course there is plenty of food!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Is Real Estate still a good investment?.

You bet!

Are you an investor, what do you invest in,

  • Art, cars, stocks, bonds, education for your children and the list goes on and on

When do you invest,

  • When what you are interested in is at it's highest, after a split or it's lowest?
You have now answered the main question "Is Real Estate still a good investment?"

In Naples we have our moderate winters, no snow to shovel, choices being Golf, Beach, Tennis, The Phil, and our theaters, there is always something happening here.

Our inventory in Naples is coming down and median prices are rising (in some cases a 93% L/S ratio) an indicator that our investors are taking advantage of the lower market to make adjustments to their Real Estate portfolios. We are seeing more properties  priced to the market which means they are going to contract quicker.

As a REALTOR in Naples Florida the most common reasons for buying in this market are;
  • An opportunity to purchase in an area that was unattainable a few years ago, for example 
    • being  closer to the Beach
    • Being in Old Naples where you can walk to everything, 
    • our famous 5th Ave S and 3rd Ave S. shopping districts where you will find restaurants (many with side walk cafes), boutiques, Art galleries, Von Liebig Art museum, 
    • or if you are a boater consider Aqualane Shores or Port Royal where you will have a boat dock and unobstructed direct access (no bridges) to the Gulf, or Little Harbour.
  • Some buyers are looking to down size or up size realizing the bonus is the current buyers market.

    I would like to know what you think?

    Agnes Tabor, REALTOR
    239 564-0384
    Naples Florida

Sunday, August 29, 2010

5 Reasons to Have a Home Inspection!

Alright you have decided to "Move to Naples Florida and realize that a Home Inspection is in order; What 5 things should be considered for this inspection?
  • The top of the list should be a good Home Inspection Company,
    • be sure they have been recommended
    • don't always be swayed by the price, it's experience, knowledge, certification ASHI
  • Basic inspection,
    • will include, all appliances, airconditioners, windows, doors, cabinets, electrical outlets, garage door opener, electric storm shutters if installed, doorbells, showers, tubs, toilets and faucets to start,
  • Mold,
    • this test is performed at the same time with special equipment that takes two measurements, one outside the home and the other inside for comparison; these tests are sent out to a lab for analysis;
  • Chinese Drywall,
    • Here you have a new area recently discovered in homes built or remodeled around 2005-2007; here too is a test that is performed by a lab, 3x3 or 4x4 samples are cut from an obsure area in the home probably in a closet, these samples are sent out to a lab to be tested; there are other ways to determine Chinese Drywall seen here.
  • Radon
    • Radon comes from the ground, sometimes transported from one place to the other in such things as agrigate used to make cement or can be found in granate or other like materials; this too requires special testing by certified persons. Equipment is placed into the home and left for about 73 hours test. There are health issues related to this toxin.
  • Termites etc

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Spend a day in Naples

Naples is many things, today it's City Fest with 15 days of sights, sounds and good food all centered around Old Naples.

  1. Can you imagine the 7 Places where you will find the many visitors in Naples for the next 2 weeks?

  1. Old Naples, everyone seems to be drawn to Old Naples, to some people Old Naples Is Naples. Old Naples is a city unto itself, a hub located at the furthest southern end of Naples south of here you will find our many boating and beach homes located in the communities of , Aqualane Shores, Royal Harbour and Port Royal with access to the Gulf of Mexico thru Naples Bay and Gordon Pass.

  2. 5th Avenue South most often the first place visitors come when they think about Naples. with its shops, Restaurants, sidewalk cafe's, boutiques and fine Art Galleries.

  3. Third Street South Historical District an original and actually where it all began this is the land mass immediately accessable to Naples Pier which at one time was the only way to gain access to Naples.

  4. Tin City located steps to Old Naples on the East Trail (41) and Naples Bay; restaurants, fishing docks and direct access to the Gulf of Mexico.

  5. Designer District located just east of 5th Avenue south and North of Tin City.

  6. Bay Front located on Naples Bay surrounded by buildings that give a feeling of Italy, engulfed by fine shops, restaurants, and access to the Gulf of Mexico with average water temperatures of 78.1.

  7. Crayton Cove, on Naples Bay just south of Tin City and East of the Third Street Historical District, surrounded by Luxury condos, with direct access to the Gulf of Mexico.

City Festivities created with an understanding of what our visitors and residents of Naples have grown to expect from the City of Naples. Old Naples is a lifestyle where you live to walk or bike from you beach front home or condo to the Naples Beach, Naples Pier, 5th Avenue South, Third Street Historical District and Tin City

Saturday, April 3, 2010

What 7 things will an Open House tell you?

For some folks, attending Open Houses here in Naples Florida is a hobby. Far from that for the serious buyer and yes seller. So why would I need a check list,  just check out these 7 reasons?

  1. From the beginning position yourself with a REALTOR?
  2. Confirmation of where you want to be here in Naples, beach,Old Naples?
  3. What type of life style,single family home, condo or vacant land to custom build?
  4. Gated community with social activities or Golf?
  5. Have you decided that boating is at the top of your list or is it golfing?
  6. How much time will you be spending here in Naples?
  7. What can you expect to invest?
  1. Find out what other similar homes, villas or condos have in common with your property? Some homes are similar or even the same but what makes the property different than yours?
  2. Acquaint yourself with a REALTOR.
  3. I love having neighbors come to my Open Houses.
  4. This could help you to determine what you need to do to prepare to have your property marketed?
  5. Be sure to pick up a brochure.
  6. hire a REALTOR before you start spending money on unnecessary or unneeded upgrades.
  7. A REALTOR can help you determine "What's it worth".

In both cases you have now acquainted yourself with a REALTOR, going to Open Houses while great fun can be very tiring and soon everything looks the same. OK, you have had your fun but now lets get down to business, let's start talking.

Move to Naples!
Agnes Tabor REALTOR in Naples
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