Sunday, August 29, 2010

5 Reasons to Have a Home Inspection!

Alright you have decided to "Move to Naples Florida and realize that a Home Inspection is in order; What 5 things should be considered for this inspection?
  • The top of the list should be a good Home Inspection Company,
    • be sure they have been recommended
    • don't always be swayed by the price, it's experience, knowledge, certification ASHI
  • Basic inspection,
    • will include, all appliances, airconditioners, windows, doors, cabinets, electrical outlets, garage door opener, electric storm shutters if installed, doorbells, showers, tubs, toilets and faucets to start,
  • Mold,
    • this test is performed at the same time with special equipment that takes two measurements, one outside the home and the other inside for comparison; these tests are sent out to a lab for analysis;
  • Chinese Drywall,
    • Here you have a new area recently discovered in homes built or remodeled around 2005-2007; here too is a test that is performed by a lab, 3x3 or 4x4 samples are cut from an obsure area in the home probably in a closet, these samples are sent out to a lab to be tested; there are other ways to determine Chinese Drywall seen here.
  • Radon
    • Radon comes from the ground, sometimes transported from one place to the other in such things as agrigate used to make cement or can be found in granate or other like materials; this too requires special testing by certified persons. Equipment is placed into the home and left for about 73 hours test. There are health issues related to this toxin.
  • Termites etc

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Spend a day in Naples

Naples is many things, today it's City Fest with 15 days of sights, sounds and good food all centered around Old Naples.

  1. Can you imagine the 7 Places where you will find the many visitors in Naples for the next 2 weeks?

  1. Old Naples, everyone seems to be drawn to Old Naples, to some people Old Naples Is Naples. Old Naples is a city unto itself, a hub located at the furthest southern end of Naples south of here you will find our many boating and beach homes located in the communities of , Aqualane Shores, Royal Harbour and Port Royal with access to the Gulf of Mexico thru Naples Bay and Gordon Pass.

  2. 5th Avenue South most often the first place visitors come when they think about Naples. with its shops, Restaurants, sidewalk cafe's, boutiques and fine Art Galleries.

  3. Third Street South Historical District an original and actually where it all began this is the land mass immediately accessable to Naples Pier which at one time was the only way to gain access to Naples.

  4. Tin City located steps to Old Naples on the East Trail (41) and Naples Bay; restaurants, fishing docks and direct access to the Gulf of Mexico.

  5. Designer District located just east of 5th Avenue south and North of Tin City.

  6. Bay Front located on Naples Bay surrounded by buildings that give a feeling of Italy, engulfed by fine shops, restaurants, and access to the Gulf of Mexico with average water temperatures of 78.1.

  7. Crayton Cove, on Naples Bay just south of Tin City and East of the Third Street Historical District, surrounded by Luxury condos, with direct access to the Gulf of Mexico.

City Festivities created with an understanding of what our visitors and residents of Naples have grown to expect from the City of Naples. Old Naples is a lifestyle where you live to walk or bike from you beach front home or condo to the Naples Beach, Naples Pier, 5th Avenue South, Third Street Historical District and Tin City

Saturday, April 3, 2010

What 7 things will an Open House tell you?

For some folks, attending Open Houses here in Naples Florida is a hobby. Far from that for the serious buyer and yes seller. So why would I need a check list,  just check out these 7 reasons?

  1. From the beginning position yourself with a REALTOR?
  2. Confirmation of where you want to be here in Naples, beach,Old Naples?
  3. What type of life style,single family home, condo or vacant land to custom build?
  4. Gated community with social activities or Golf?
  5. Have you decided that boating is at the top of your list or is it golfing?
  6. How much time will you be spending here in Naples?
  7. What can you expect to invest?
  1. Find out what other similar homes, villas or condos have in common with your property? Some homes are similar or even the same but what makes the property different than yours?
  2. Acquaint yourself with a REALTOR.
  3. I love having neighbors come to my Open Houses.
  4. This could help you to determine what you need to do to prepare to have your property marketed?
  5. Be sure to pick up a brochure.
  6. hire a REALTOR before you start spending money on unnecessary or unneeded upgrades.
  7. A REALTOR can help you determine "What's it worth".

In both cases you have now acquainted yourself with a REALTOR, going to Open Houses while great fun can be very tiring and soon everything looks the same. OK, you have had your fun but now lets get down to business, let's start talking.

Move to Naples!
Agnes Tabor REALTOR in Naples
(239) 564-0384

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Afraid to give up your lifestyle up North?

No longer have to be afraid to give up your lifestyle up north or in another country while spending your time here in Naples fl.?

Ft Myers International, a mid-sized airport has at least made your arrival and departure through their system a lot easier. As one of my friends put it here are 3 things that will put a smile on your face,
  1. use the Long Term Parking area where you will find a flagman directing you to that elusive parking place,
  2. use the shuttle to get you to/from the terminal just steps from your rental car,
  3. personal service is one of the things that Naples and SWFL are known for so let their personel help you with your bags.
So many things that you need to take care of when leaving your home and coming to spend time here in Naples now one less thing to worry about as you begin your long stay in Naples; Welcome back.

Move to Naples!

Agnes Tabor REALTOR in Naples

(239) 564-0384


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Max has Moved to Naples

Max at 1 year

MAX was born on St Patrick's day 2002 and Moved to Naples from his home up north. I know we should have named him Murphy but I was so excited when the breeder told us we could pick him up earlier, he was 5 weeks, I didn't even know what day it was.

Anyone who has ever owned a lab knows Max, he is lovable, spoiled, has my husband and I well trained and yes, he does smile.

Here you see him watching outside of our front door in Naples; with 3 acres of land he knows his boundaries without an electric fence. He absolutely loves my husband Don but knows who to go to when he is hurt.

I wanted to share Max with everyone because it is my firm belief that everyone should have a dog, in my case it has been Black Labs.

Extremely in love with my Max and find it so hard to see the Labs and other dogs when they are published in the paper for adoption because if it were up to me I would probably be bringing more into our home.

Bringing a dog into your home says something special about you, you must have compassion and be willing to give the unequivocal love that they will be giving you. Have you ever noticed the look in their eyes when you come home? Max, my husband and I are are very bonded; as you have gathered Max is like our child.

August 1, 2014

I have been waiting since December, almost eight
months, anxious !!
Everyday I awake and anticipate the outcome of
that day, waiting. I leave midday and when I return
to my family, my husband and black Lab Max it gives
me a great inner feeling. Home now I don't have to
wait for anything. In these last few days the waiting
has become more intense. But while I wait I
remember all the good times the three of us have
had. Max and I sit by the pool everyday after
breakfast. I get his tennis ball so he can take it for
a swim then Max sits on his towel tossing his ball for
me to retrieve. He has arthritis now so doesn't run anymore.
Why are you waiting?
Each day we find ourselves waiting; for traffic, in a restaurant,
at the store, in the doctors office almost anywhere!
August 1, 2014
any more, but has me trained. This morning I
somehow knew this was the last day of waiting !
A restless night brought morning light without any
changes. My handsome Max let me know he was
thirsty and that no matter what I would help him
get a drink.......and I did. He was to weak to lift his
head. I had to make the worst call anyone should
have to. 
Waiting again for the last time!!
Just minutes before the Vet arrived Max sat up and
was alert looking around and watching us. I thought
maybe he would be OK! I was so excited and
hopeful that we would have more time
together..........Max is now waiting for us “On the
other side of the Bridge”.!

Max was a
personality, he knew
our moods, he Loved
us unconditionally.
We miss him terribly.

The void is unimaginable!

Move to Naples!

Agnes Tabor REALTOR in Naples

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MCNE - Master Certified Negotiation Expert
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Friday, March 12, 2010

5 Friends in 10 Minutes in Old Naples?

rab 5 of your friends for a 10 minute bike ride from 5th Ave S to Naples Pier.

What an adventure as you tour down the tree lined streets of Old Naples finally reaching your destination at the beach.

Of course you might have found yourself stopping at one of the many shops or restaurants at the 3rd Street Historical district.

Riding a bike down the streets in Old Naples is a common site, residents and visitors either have their own or bike rentals are available at many locations, actually if you are renting they will bring your choice out to your home or condo.

Move to Naples!

Agnes Tabor REALTOR in Naples


Thursday, March 11, 2010

OH, Where is Naples you ask; give me 5 minutes?

First of all it is on the Gulf Side of Florida If you are traveling by car and entering the State of Florida from the west or midwestern states just stay on Interstate 75 follow the signs. Oh, your driving down from the northeastern states; as you enter the State of Fl you will be on Interstate 10 and swing west to 75. Coming by air you will be coming into FtMyers International airport where your rental car will be waiting to take you to Naples. It's about a 20 minute drive depending on
the time of day.

As soon as you are in the terminal, you will feel the excitement of others arriving,

Move to Naples!

Agnes Tabor REALTOR in Naples


5 More Reasons to Come to Naples FL

Folks planning to escape the winter weather up north or in other parts of the world are all looking for one thing; a place where they can spend some time on the beach. Go Figure, we have 10 miles of white sandy beaches in Naples and 5 beaches.

1)Naples Pier the first beach established in 1978 just west of Gulf Shore Drive close to Olde Naples, Gordon Pass,5th Ave S, Aqualane Shores, Port Royal and Royal Harbour.

2)Laudermilk Park Beach located just north of Old Naples begining at Naples Beach Hotel close to the Edgewater Beach Hotel whose northern boundary is Moorings Dr.

3)North Gulf Shore Blvd Beach extending from Moorings line Drive and Park Shore on the south to Seagate on the North.

4)Vanderbilt Beach where guests of the Ritz Hotel can be found as well as residents and guests of the many high rises and

5) Delnor Wiggns Pass located on a Barrier Island to Cocohatchee River.

Experiencing our beaches is not something done in one day an example is that each beach area has its own feeling; for instance, at Naples Pier, you find people fishing in addition to enjoying the Sandy Beach area. Laudermilk Park has a concessions building and picnic area to enjoy your family. North Gulf Shore Blvd Beach has long beach views that take you back to Naples Pier. Vanderbilt Beach is a shorter jog with dunes leading toward the mangroves. Delnor Wiggins Pass is another beach area where you will find people fishing and walking a little further North will bring you to Wiggins Bay where the boats enter the Gulf of Mexico.

Move to Naples!
Agnes Tabor REALTOR in Naples

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Did you know Naples has 50 Schools?

The School District of Collier County has 50 schools including two charter schools. The district serves a total student population of 43,214. There are 30 elementary schools, 11 middle schools, 8 high schools, and a Pre-K thru 12 school (Everglades City School). There are also 12 Alternative School Programs.

The district’s Career and Adult Education programs serve more than 12,000 students annually, in both short- and long-term programs, offered at the Lorenzo Walker Institute of Technology, the Immokalee Technical Center, and throughout the district at various adult and community education sites.

What community would survive without a strong education structure with 50 plus schools in Collier County including elementary, middle, high-school and Pre-K thru 12, adult and alternative; Collier County is ready for it's students. i personally take advantage of the Adult Education programs which I have found to be quite worthwhile.

Move to Naples!

Agnes Tabor REALTOR in Naples


7 Things to do in 10 Minutes in Old Naples

Old Naples is a city unto it's self and as such a short walk or ride on your bicycle can....

1) bring you onto 5th Ave South where you will find fine shops/boutiqes, restaurants, sidewalk cafe's and some of the top ranked art studios

2)what about a walk to the beach from anywhere in Olde Naples; it doesn't have to be a day time stroll but what about viewing our beautiful sunsets which seems to be a tradition with many folks coming to Old Naples

3)how about a stroll to Tin City and Naples Bay perhaps taking a boat ride through Naples Bay as the Dolphin play in the water around the boat while you view the Luxurious Waterfront homes in Aqualane, Port Royal and Royal Harbour

4)Tennis anyone, see you on the clay courts at Cambier Park just let me know when you are available

5)it's a week end and you can be engulfed by an Art in the Park on 5th Ave South bring your walking shoes and of course sunglasses as you stroll the exhibits which generally go from 10 AM to 4 PM

6)concerts in the park at Cambier Park

7)walk to school or church.

Well now you know what you can do in Old Naples because of the close proximity of everything in Old Naples it becomes a lifestyle easy to get use to. Beach, shopping, restaurants, theatre, tennis; did we forget anything?

Move to Naples!

Agnes Tabor REALTOR in Naples


Thursday, March 4, 2010

5 Benefits of moving to Collier County

I was thinking, "why would anyone want to move to Collier County" and came up with these 5 ideas.

  1. Weather is usualy first on the list usually 70's in the winter never reached 100 degrees in all the years they have been recording the weather.

  2. Our beaches are rated among the top 10 in the country

  3. A diverse group of communities which could be on the beach, golf course or
    within a short drive to our white sandy beaches

  4. Attractions like the Philharmonic where you will find such featured artist like Henry Winkler "the Fonz"and performances of Little House on the Prairie and Miami City Ballet. Sudgen Community Theatre. Naples Pier which at one time was the only access to Naples bringing you to our Third Street Historical district, the birth place of Olde Naples.

  5. Collier County has an investment in home owners and the services it provides

No time to be bored in Collier County our weather allows for many outdoor activities from sunrise to enjoying our unbelievable sunsets where the sun appears to drop into the Gulf. Enjoy our many theatres and parks or take a stroll around 5th Avenue and the 3rd Street Historical District.

Move to Naples!

Agnes Tabor REALTOR in Naples