Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Max has Moved to Naples

Max at 1 year

MAX was born on St Patrick's day 2002 and Moved to Naples from his home up north. I know we should have named him Murphy but I was so excited when the breeder told us we could pick him up earlier, he was 5 weeks, I didn't even know what day it was.

Anyone who has ever owned a lab knows Max, he is lovable, spoiled, has my husband and I well trained and yes, he does smile.

Here you see him watching outside of our front door in Naples; with 3 acres of land he knows his boundaries without an electric fence. He absolutely loves my husband Don but knows who to go to when he is hurt.

I wanted to share Max with everyone because it is my firm belief that everyone should have a dog, in my case it has been Black Labs.

Extremely in love with my Max and find it so hard to see the Labs and other dogs when they are published in the paper for adoption because if it were up to me I would probably be bringing more into our home.

Bringing a dog into your home says something special about you, you must have compassion and be willing to give the unequivocal love that they will be giving you. Have you ever noticed the look in their eyes when you come home? Max, my husband and I are are very bonded; as you have gathered Max is like our child.

August 1, 2014

I have been waiting since December, almost eight
months, anxious !!
Everyday I awake and anticipate the outcome of
that day, waiting. I leave midday and when I return
to my family, my husband and black Lab Max it gives
me a great inner feeling. Home now I don't have to
wait for anything. In these last few days the waiting
has become more intense. But while I wait I
remember all the good times the three of us have
had. Max and I sit by the pool everyday after
breakfast. I get his tennis ball so he can take it for
a swim then Max sits on his towel tossing his ball for
me to retrieve. He has arthritis now so doesn't run anymore.
Why are you waiting?
Each day we find ourselves waiting; for traffic, in a restaurant,
at the store, in the doctors office almost anywhere!
August 1, 2014
any more, but has me trained. This morning I
somehow knew this was the last day of waiting !
A restless night brought morning light without any
changes. My handsome Max let me know he was
thirsty and that no matter what I would help him
get a drink.......and I did. He was to weak to lift his
head. I had to make the worst call anyone should
have to. 
Waiting again for the last time!!
Just minutes before the Vet arrived Max sat up and
was alert looking around and watching us. I thought
maybe he would be OK! I was so excited and
hopeful that we would have more time
together..........Max is now waiting for us “On the
other side of the Bridge”.!

Max was a
personality, he knew
our moods, he Loved
us unconditionally.
We miss him terribly.

The void is unimaginable!

Move to Naples!

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