Saturday, April 3, 2010

What 7 things will an Open House tell you?

For some folks, attending Open Houses here in Naples Florida is a hobby. Far from that for the serious buyer and yes seller. So why would I need a check list,  just check out these 7 reasons?

  1. From the beginning position yourself with a REALTOR?
  2. Confirmation of where you want to be here in Naples, beach,Old Naples?
  3. What type of life style,single family home, condo or vacant land to custom build?
  4. Gated community with social activities or Golf?
  5. Have you decided that boating is at the top of your list or is it golfing?
  6. How much time will you be spending here in Naples?
  7. What can you expect to invest?
  1. Find out what other similar homes, villas or condos have in common with your property? Some homes are similar or even the same but what makes the property different than yours?
  2. Acquaint yourself with a REALTOR.
  3. I love having neighbors come to my Open Houses.
  4. This could help you to determine what you need to do to prepare to have your property marketed?
  5. Be sure to pick up a brochure.
  6. hire a REALTOR before you start spending money on unnecessary or unneeded upgrades.
  7. A REALTOR can help you determine "What's it worth".

In both cases you have now acquainted yourself with a REALTOR, going to Open Houses while great fun can be very tiring and soon everything looks the same. OK, you have had your fun but now lets get down to business, let's start talking.

Move to Naples!
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