Monday, May 2, 2011

Is Real Estate still a good investment?.

You bet!

Are you an investor, what do you invest in,

  • Art, cars, stocks, bonds, education for your children and the list goes on and on

When do you invest,

  • When what you are interested in is at it's highest, after a split or it's lowest?
You have now answered the main question "Is Real Estate still a good investment?"

In Naples we have our moderate winters, no snow to shovel, choices being Golf, Beach, Tennis, The Phil, and our theaters, there is always something happening here.

Our inventory in Naples is coming down and median prices are rising (in some cases a 93% L/S ratio) an indicator that our investors are taking advantage of the lower market to make adjustments to their Real Estate portfolios. We are seeing more properties  priced to the market which means they are going to contract quicker.

As a REALTOR in Naples Florida the most common reasons for buying in this market are;
  • An opportunity to purchase in an area that was unattainable a few years ago, for example 
    • being  closer to the Beach
    • Being in Old Naples where you can walk to everything, 
    • our famous 5th Ave S and 3rd Ave S. shopping districts where you will find restaurants (many with side walk cafes), boutiques, Art galleries, Von Liebig Art museum, 
    • or if you are a boater consider Aqualane Shores or Port Royal where you will have a boat dock and unobstructed direct access (no bridges) to the Gulf, or Little Harbour.
  • Some buyers are looking to down size or up size realizing the bonus is the current buyers market.

    I would like to know what you think?

    Agnes Tabor, REALTOR
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    Naples Florida