Tuesday, April 1, 2014

What comes first, "The Community or The Home"

A recent experience with buyers would indicate the community would be the most important factor.

It must reflect the family lifestyle at that particular stage in their life. In this case the age of the children, 5 and 7,  played a very important  role.

 I selected three communities in Naples, Collier County, the Dunes, Cove Towers at Wiggins Bay and Pelican Isle. All chosen for their amenities, located close to the beach, tennis and many activities. They all  had the basic interior requirements, updated, 3 bedrooms, 3 baths, a view,  approximately 3000 square feet of living area, secured personal parking and located in a gated community.

It took the better part of the day!  But the most important thing was that with each community we entered, in the end the condo, although was important took second place to the actual community. A realization that in this particular case it was important that we were out and about viewing during the "living" part of the day. That being when many people are using the amenities! 

Our decision was made and it was The Dunes located in the Vanderbilt Beach, Wiggins Pass area in North Naples. Here you could

  • Walk to the beach, 
  • the large community pool,
  • clay court tennis courts,
  • fitness center
  • and be close to some of our fine restaurants and be close to
  • The LaPlaya Club on the beach

At the end of the day I said goodbye to my buyers to rest and make our final decision in the morning. As I headed to my office I received a text, they had found one more from my REALTOR app that I shared and could we view in the morning. I made the appointment and it was a scramble  because there flight was leaving at 2PM that day. My buyers left at noon and called me the next day to prepare the offer .... it is now several months and they along with the children and grandchildren are enjoying their part of paradise at, 

              "We just love the unit and the area. We can't thank you enough." Phillip


  1. Although posted over a year ago the concept remains the same : Community First".

  2. Although posted over a year ago the concept remains the same : Community First".