Thursday, December 24, 2015

Selling your property, what is your motivation?

Selling your property?

Are you ready, here are a few things to think about;
  • What is your motivation?
    • downsize/upsize,
    • new construction,
    • demographic, same area but another location,
    • amenities
    • bored
  • What do you expect from this sale?
    • Financially,
  • Know as we go thru the listing process the things you are willing to give up,
  • Understand that the expensive new floor that you installed or the over the top appliances might not be what the buyer wants.
  • Please make renovations to your property that you have decided that you would like or have always wanted. Don't do it with the idea that you must be reimbursed. 
 Do it, enjoy it, then be ready to move on!

We have here in Naples a strong buying season which is typically January thru the end of April. Make no mistake, our real estate market is strong all year. But when you consider that our population grows to more than triple and a large portion of that population has now decided to buy then you can realize why I say we have a "Strong Season".

As a seller, inventory is very low so this is a very good time to present your property to the public.

Marketing your property is important!

  • Yes it will go into our Multiple listing service so that anyone, anywhere with access to the internet and a computer can view your property;
  • But what is the follow up process that your agent is following?
Access to your property is important! I like Open Houses the neighbors come thru and there will always be one that will say, "Oh, I am just a nosey neighbor"; but neighbors have family and friends that want to live in your community so welcome the Open House sign on your property.

If you are ready to sell please do not add a tenant to the mix; buyers want to see the property as soon as possible.

It's not a question of who will market your home for the highest price, because when your property is still on the market in 90 days with no interest, no offers, you have lost that valuable time and many buyers. 

Ask me about
marketing your home.

Based on information from the MLS these properties were not all listed or sold by Premiere Plus Realty Co. and were listed or sold by various MLS Participating Offices. These properties may not be all the listed properties in the target area. All material
facts and information from MLS should be verified.”

Agnes Tabor REALTOR®, 
ABR® - Accredited Buyers Agent
e-PRO® - Electronic Internet Professional
CNE - Certified Negotiation Expert
Naples,Florida 34102

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