Sunday, January 31, 2016

4 Seasons or is it 5 in Naples?

We are all familiar with the 4 Seasons, Winter, Spring Summer and Autumn/Fall.  But in Naples we have 5 it's called "Season", the time when folks converge on Naples to escape the cold winter months.

You will find visitors from all over the world Canada is possibly the largest population with Germany and UK being large contenders and my newest buyers from Sweden.

The pilgrimage begins in October and is usually over after spring break about mid April.
The beginning of "Season", how can you tell, well for one the car carriers start entering the city. You have to ask yourself why transport your car for a "vacation". Well when your "vacation" is for 30 days to possibly 6 months it just makes sense. With many of our visitors being owners of condos and single family homes it is their second or third home.
A tremendous increase in all activities not only in Naples but each community within Naples. Folks come together to meet their "Season" friends for spending time at the beach, a round of golf, tennis matches, fishing, boating, many restaurants  and lets not forget our great weather. 
The return of the car carriers  indicates "seasons"end.

Agnes Tabor REALTOR®, 
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Naples,Florida 34102

New Construction in Naples!

With over 56 communities in Naples and most of them having new construction you will hear such things as;

  • Only One left,
  • Time is running out,
  • Receive $$$ in upgrades,
  • Free Golf membership,
  • Our latest is Our Last,
  • Have it all,
  • Models now Open,
  • Free pool with purchase,
  • "Isn't it Time",
  • Move in Ready,
  • Coming soon,
These are words of encouragement from builders to bring buyers to see their many new properties. 

New construction is great  because not only is it new, they have new ideas in what is offered. 
  • From Single family homes, Condos, Coach homes and Town Houses to,
  • The latest technology in amenities, club houses, fitness centers and pools,
  • The latest in materials, Granite, Quartz, Marble, 10 foot ceilings, stainless steel appliances, impact resistant windows and doors, high efficiency  Air conditioning systems, large working islands in the kitchen and a grander great room allowing everyone to be part of what is going on in the property.


What would you be looking for....text, 239-564-0384, me and lets talk?

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e-PRO® - Electronic Internet Professional
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Naples,Florida 34102

Are you Ready to BUY?

Be prepared before you start looking and make these decisions early on.
  • Choose your REALTOR® (not all agents are REALTORS®), agent associate
  • When do I want to buy, what is my time frame,
  • are you a CASH BUYER
    • Have a letter from your bank or financial broker indicating that the funds are available and where are they coming from,
  • will you be getting a MORTGAGE,
    • pre-approval letter is what a seller will require if they are going to take their property off the market while your loan goes through,
    • be prepared and know where your share of the mortgage will be coming from,
  • Be prepared to negotiate
  • Let your REALTOR guide you then take the time to listen after all they know the market in the area,
  • Every state is different in their requirements to purchase Real Estate; what worked in one may not apply in the other,

Agnes Tabor REALTOR®, 
ABR® - Accredited Buyers Agent
e-PRO® - Electronic Internet Professional
CNE - Certified Negotiation Expert
Naples,Florida 34102

Friday, January 1, 2016

Naples named one of top 10 again!

There is no doubt the reason that Naples again found itself listed as one of the Top 10 travel destinations.  Come visit Naples Florida during season October thru end of April and you will see the impact we have on visitors. 

If you come as a tourist it won't be long before you are considering buying to continue the enjoyment or our weather and the many amenities. White sand beaches, boating, fishing, Golf, tennis, theatre, galleries.