Sunday, January 31, 2016

4 Seasons or is it 5 in Naples?

We are all familiar with the 4 Seasons, Winter, Spring Summer and Autumn/Fall.  But in Naples we have 5 it's called "Season", the time when folks converge on Naples to escape the cold winter months.

You will find visitors from all over the world Canada is possibly the largest population with Germany and UK being large contenders and my newest buyers from Sweden.

The pilgrimage begins in October and is usually over after spring break about mid April.
The beginning of "Season", how can you tell, well for one the car carriers start entering the city. You have to ask yourself why transport your car for a "vacation". Well when your "vacation" is for 30 days to possibly 6 months it just makes sense. With many of our visitors being owners of condos and single family homes it is their second or third home.
A tremendous increase in all activities not only in Naples but each community within Naples. Folks come together to meet their "Season" friends for spending time at the beach, a round of golf, tennis matches, fishing, boating, many restaurants  and lets not forget our great weather. 
The return of the car carriers  indicates "seasons"end.

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